The Earth and Beyond.


The science topic for year 5 this half term is the Earth and Beyond so 5R were set a home learning task to create something space-related. The pupils were given freedom to choose what they wanted to produce. Come Monday morning, the classroom was full of fact files, drawings, paintings, rockets and solar systems. There was a truly amazing array of work. So much effort had gone into all of the various projects.

Ms Stevenson also put her artistic skills to good use, creating a spectacular classroom display that showcases the effort that was put into the task.

5R’s visit to the Radha-Krishna Temple


On Wednesday 11th October, 5R went on a class trip to the Radha-Krishna Hindu Temple in Westminster. The visit was a massive success. After viewing the Temple room, pupils took part in an interactive workshop, where they learnt about the history of Hinduism, why it is important to so many people and what some of the artifacts used within the temple are for. There was a great mixture of information and hands-on activities with the children being given the opportunity to blow into conch shells, try on garlands and take part in some yoga exercises. The pupils also loved taking part in a drama performance, dressing up and re-enacting a story about the origins of the religion.




After the workshop, the class returned to the Temple room where the daily 12:30 Artati ceremony was taking place. The ceremony was an extremely lively occasion, involving, dancing, jumping, singing, chanting, drums, cymbals and even a conga line!


The staff at the temple could not have been friendlier or more accommodating. They answered any questions that the children had and even gave us some artifacts to take back to school for our religious display. They also spoke very highly of the children and seemed genuinely pleased with the engagement and enthusiasm that they showed throughout the day. I can also confirm that the class were respectful at all times and were a credit to Clapham Manor, upholding the high expectations that we have at the school.

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